School News

Nursery School

The nursery school serves children from the age of two to six. Supported by a team of professionally trained teachers, the school provides a harmonious and caring environment to enable children to grow happily and healthily. The school aims to foster children’s good habits and self-care abilities, plus all-rounded development in language, social, physical, emotion, aesthetics and creativity through different activities and games.

Besides the full day education service, the school provides Occasional Child Care Service, Integrated Programme and On-site Rehabilitation Services – Sunshine Kids, to cater for different needs of children and parents.

Opening hours of the school:

Service Time
Monday to Friday8:00am to 6:00pm

Occasional Child Care Service

The school offers all-day, half-day or 2.5-hour sessions child care service in order to help parents with emergency situations or other needs.

Opening hours of Occasional Child Care Service:

Service Time
Monday to FridayMonday to Friday
Saturday8:00am to 1:00pm

Fee Schedule of the Occasional Child Care Service
$16$16 with extra $6 for lunch
($22 including lunch)
Morning session 8:00-1:00 $32
($38 including lunch)
Afternoon session 1:00-6:00

10:30-3:30 $38 (including lunch)
8:00-3:30 $54 (including lunch)

10:30-6:00 $54 (including lunch)
All-day 8:00-6:00 $70 (including lunch)

Extended Hours Service

The school provides extended hours service to accommodate the different needs of working parents and families.

Extended hours service usually opens from

Service Hours
Monday to Friday6:00pm to 7:00pm

Fee Schedule of Extended Hours Service
Service HoursFee
TimeMonday to FridaySaturdayMonthly FeeDaily Fee
½ hourMorning: 7:30am-8:00am$90$5
One hourEvening: 6:00pm-6:30pm$150$10

Afternoon: 1:00pm – 2:00pm$30

Integrated Programme

The school provides the Integrated Programme for Mildly Disabled Children. The programme tailors for children aged 2-6 with special education needs who have yet to begin their primary education. They should apply through the central referral scheme of the Rehabilitation Service.

Special Early Childhood Practitioner will provide appropriate training and education plan for children with special educational needs, combining expertise with professionals in speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, clinical psychological service etc., enabling them to have a comprehensive development and fit in mainstream education and social life in the future.

On-site Pre-school Rehabilitation Services – Sunshine Kids

On-site Pre-school Rehabilitation Services – Sunshine Kids is led by a team of cross-professionals including speech therapist, occupational therapist, physical therapist, senior special early childhood pratitioner, special early childhood pratitioner and social worker.  They aim to provide all-rounded training, counselling and expert opinions for children with special care needs and their parents/caregivers.  

School-based Social Work Service 

We offer school-based social work service to provide professional advice and counselling for parents who need help in nurturing their children, family issues or emotional support, for healthy mental and physical growth of the children.  The service also identifies children with learning difficulties in behavioral, social or emotional development, helping them to solve their personal problems and take every learning opportunity to develop their potential.  The school-based social worker will also organize different seminars and workshops to let parents have a better understanding of child development and thus become more capable in nurturing their children.   

Provision and Support 

Learning support to Non-Chinese speaking (NCS) children:
In recent years, Hong Kong Government is committed to encouraging and supporting the integration of NCS children into the community, such as improving NCS children’s Chinese Language capability. In view of the current trend of Hong Kong Early Childhood Education and to provide sufficient learning support to NCS families, our teachers have completed various professional trainings, in terms of facilitating NCS children’s learning in language development. We have also provided the services below to support our NCS families.

For Parents:
Our school-based social workers organize regular Parent Education Seminars and parent-child activities. These activities aim at providing an effective two-way communication channel between the family and the school, to understand the culture of the community, to exchange ideas on nurturing our next generation. In order to provide immediate and sufficient care and support to NCS families, counselling services are also available to families who in need. To ensure the current updates of the school development and activities are well delivered to all stakeholders, bilingual school documents, such as parent notices and guidelines, are now provided.

For Children:
At the beginning of the school year, we understand that children may experiences difficulty during the transition period. Therefore, we have arranged a series of activities to ensure children can adapt to their new school life smoothly, such as encouraging our parents to accompany the children in the lessons, and flexibly adjust or increase the hours of stay in school to children, to match their condition.

In language learning, we promote “Learning from play” in the school curriculum, which we designed a variety of play activities to children in order to facilitating their learning in a harmony learning environment. The activities are as follows:

  1. Multi-sensory learning experiences 
    Children learn different Chinese characters through 5 senses (Seeing, smelling, touching, hearing and tasting), to arouse their learning motivation and gain their interests in learning Chinese that are meaningful to them 

  2. Small Group Activity 
    Small group activities are arranged in order to provide adequate learning supports to children and modify the play activities to meet children’s learning needs. 

  3. Individual Learning Support 
    Our teachers provide individual learning support to children in need. It aims at helping children who experience difficulty in learning Chinese and to facilitate their learning by adopting customized teaching method.